Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday 8/29

No O.A.

finish group work, and call on volunteers to discuss their sticky note examples.

take notes thru watson.

HW: follow this link to an article about the psychology of spending. prepare a typed or hand written 1/2 page (minimum) summary on what different approaches are used as examples to explain why Americans spend so much money. Please explain why you are choosing that example. More than 1 approach may be talked about in the article. Bring to class on Tuesday, no school Monday.

Also for tuesday google "gestalt pictures" and print out 2-3 of the most interesting ones that you could find. thanks.

Thursday 8/28

No O.A.

group work: divided the class into 6 groups, assigned each group an approach, created group posters.

HW Each student has two sticky notes, on one of the sticky notes write an example of your groups approach, on the other sticky note write an example of another groups approach. bring both sticky notes to class with you on friday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday 8/27

O.A. read pg. 16 discussed the best way to take class notes, no writing required.

Took class notes, finished the 6 approaches and started the history of psychology thru Wilhelm Wundt.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday 8/26

O.A. - 4 goals of psychology p. 4

Notes on the 6 approaches to psychology. finish tomorrow.

HW Read p. 4-9.

Monday 8/25

Handed out syllabus and discussed in class. Remember that your signed syllabus by you and your parents is due Friday September 5th.